Therapee reviews – How to Deal with Enuresis in the Most Effective Way?

Many children and adults all over the world suffer from the grave problem of bedwetting. Many psychologists believe that this problem arises from a deep sleep. With positive reinforcements and rewards, this problem can be solved to a great extent. Here are effective tips for dealing with this alarming problem.

Effectual Bedwetting Solutions

1. Limit Intake of Liquid before Hitting the Hay: Make sure your child takes in less amount of fluid such as juice, water or milk for a couple of hours before bedtime. There should be no or very little amount of liquid intake at least 1-2 hours before falling asleep.

2. Eliminating Bladder Irritants: Do not include urinary bladder irritants in your child’s diet. Restrict your child from taking chocolate milk, cocoa, artificial sweeteners or citrus juices as these foods can contribute to bedwetting.

3. Treatment for Stress: Stress could be a major reason for bedwetting brought about by child abuse, home relocation, bullying or any other life-changing event. Treating the underlying stress can help to solve the bedwetting problem appreciably.

4. Positive Reinforcement or Rewards: The key to solving the problem of bedwetting is by being patient with your child. Be sympathetic and considerate and make your child realize all the consequences of bedwetting. Refrain from punishing him as that would only make matters worse. Instead give him a reward like a sticker, candy or anything he is fond of, every time he makes a conscious effort to stay dry all night.

5. Buzzers Can Help: There are many buzzers and alarms available in the market that can be attached to the nightwear of your child. The alarm sets off every time it senses moisture. The aim of using these alarms is to condition the brain of your child so that he rushes to the toilet whenever he feels the urge to urinate.

With these suggestions, you can tackle the problem of bedwetting efficiently. Therapee is that cutting-edge device that can effectively be used for bedwetting treatment. The device is incorporated with an alarm and interactive new age software. The popularity of this device in solving the annoying problem of bedwetting is evident from the positive Therapee reviews received from patients all over the globe.


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